Xcellent Restaurant 

Giving you the wonderful feeling to have
   a morning coffee or tea tasting
   extraordinary with a rich buffet breakfast menu.
    Enjoy our decorated stripes restaurant
   that will make you think of the atmosphere
   of the Grand Canyon with soft lighting
      making the restaurant warm with
     natural sunlight shining through the large windows.
    Come experience the real atmosphere at
   our Restaurant which serves
      a fusion cuisine of the one of the most talented chefs. 

The Xtreme Sky Bar

Xtreme Sky Bar under “Extremely Life with X Generation”, this extreme sky
bar-cum-restaurant is rooftop overlooking a magnificent urban fringe with superb 360 view and
charming atmosphere. A unique design was inspired by a popular stylish interior
combine with special food and beverage that you have never seen before.
The cocktail and beer list highlights both the extreme and signature.